About us


Founded in 2018, Owner A.U. Memon has applied many efforts to make it accessible & useful for the people. We are selling Spectacles (even with prescription), Sunglasses, goggles, for man, woman, kids, boys, girls. We have our own location at Surat – Gujarat.

  • Fact:1/3rd of our population needs eyeglasses but doesn't have access to them, making us “the blind capital” of the world with over 15 million blind people. Keeping it in mind we are here to fulfil that needs & requirements to India. Eliminating the retailer & providing high quality “Crizal” glasses & other branded high quality tough glasses directly to the customer is our mission. With “Blublock”, “Crizal” glasses you can boost your day with clear vision.





India is the blind capital of the world.


  •          15 million people in India are blind, which is 50% of the blind people of the world.
  • 75% of these are cases of avoidable blindness. Thanks to the country's acute shortage of optometrists and donated eyes for the treatment of corneal blindness.
  • 153 million people in the country need reading glasses but do not have access to them.
  • Our country needs 40,000 optometrists. Unfortunately we only have 8,000.


Modernize the eyewear industry in India.


Cleareyewear.com aim is to help drop this number marginally in the coming years & gives people a clear vision, which can be achieved by providing high quality eyewear to millions of Indians at best prices.